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One -2- One

Coaching Packages

Online and In-person

Unleash your vocal ...

Unleash your  Vocal Potential 

​In these one-to-one coaching sessions we'll draw out the unique qualities that enable you to become more fully expressed. We'll be working with three main aspects - the psychological, the physical and the emotional. These aspects are so closely related to voice that they mutually determine each other more than you realize. How you feel affects your breath which in turn affects your tonality, manner and how you come across.

By understanding the deeper source of your expression you can reclaim a sense of agency, and begin to experience your voice as a powerful means to get what you want. You'll understand how your felt sense, feeling state and body language are the foundation of your expression and how they determine how you're received.  Working with the deeper source of your expression will give you the resulting respect and consideration you deserve. 

If you find it hard to

Stand up for yourself

Cut and edit what you say because of what people may think, don't speak your truth because people never listen to you, or you're having problems with your physical voice, feeling constriction and strain, then working with voice and expression can make all the difference. For when your voice is more embodied, satisfaction and pleasure follow. 


What it takes & who is  Voice Work for? 


The reasons people come for voice work vary widely. It can be anything as specific as practicing to deliver a Ted Talk, working on a voice over for a video or a movie, or as elusive as seeking healing and deeper embodiment. 

Changing your speaking habits and expression isn't easy. It requires a willingness to change ingrained habits, that are welded into your emotional identity. And the willingness to change patterns that affect your behavior, your relating, your speaking and feeling. But through some perseverance and the desire for change, you'll begin to experience the profound benefits. And as with so many things practice is essential.

Working with your voice is transformative and healing. For as your voice grows, so does your ability to express yourself, allowing you to benefit from opportunities that previously might have eluded you. This in turn gives your a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, confidence and joy.

Sunset at Marshall Point Lighthouse _edi

In this Coaching Package

You'll  get ...

One Tailored Needs Analyses

This is a sixty minute preliminary Zoom or  Skype call

Three Ninety Minute Coaching Sessions

At a central London location 

Homework Assignments

After each session you'll receive an email with tailored assignments, designed to support your expression.               

Sunset at Marshall Point Lighthouse _edi

In this Coaching Package

You'll get ...

Three Ninety Minute Coaching Sessions

Held via Zoom or Skype

Homework Assignments

After each session you'll receive an email with tailored assignments, designed to support your expression. 

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