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One-2-One Coaching 


Your Voice Matters

​In these one-to-one coaching sessions we'll draw out the unique qualities that enable you to transmit real confidence, power and authority as we work with three main aspects - the psychological, the physical and the emotional. These aspects are closely related to, and very much determine, your tonality, manner and how you come across.

By understanding the deeper source of your expression you can reclaim a sense of agency, and begin to experience your voice as a powerful means to get what you want. You'll understand how your attitude and body language are the foundation of your expression and how they determine how your are received.  Working with the deeper source of your expression will give you the resulting respect and consideration you deserve. 

In this package  You'll get

Your Voice Matters

How you come across makes all the difference


*Once your payment has been processed, you'll receive an e-mail and be given instructions to schedule your appointments. Please note that all sessions need to be taken within a two month period after commencement of the first appointment to insure continuity. 

A Preliminary Virtual Needs Assessment

This is a sixty minute, preliminary Skype Call where we will 

  • Clarify which aspects of voice you need to focus on

  • Determine where and how your expression is held back

  • Set a crystal clear intention

  • Prepare for the coming sessions

Three Ninety Minute One-2-One Coaching Sessions

in Central London 

During these intense, ninety minute appointments at a central London location, we'll draw upon elements #1 to #5, described below. Through inquiry and exercises involving voice, breath and movement you'll understand how to transmit what you're about while accessing real confidence. The sessions are tailored to your specific vocal, physiological and practical needs to insure best possible results.

#1 The Physical Voice & Your Growth Edge

First we'll start where you are, with what you have. It's paramount to be gentle and kind with yourself as we begin to immerse ourselves into your physical voice. Any feelings that arise will inevitably affect your breathing and speech. So to begin with we'll become comfortable with everything that's present and proceed slowly, so that we don't skip over things.​ We'll ...

  • explore how your voice responds, so as to leverage it to your advantage

  • determine how & when your pitch, tone and rhythm change naturally

  • combine the psychological & physical aspect of voice

#2 Breathing Patterns & The Source of Vocal Power

Here we come to the nuts and bolts, the essential building blocks. We'll look at breathing patterns, breathing mechanisms and the functions that determine healthy sound production. What was experienced spontaneously in the previous exercises of exploration is now brought into deeper awareness and connected to your physiology. You'll understand ...

  • the importance of the diaphragm & how it's linked to personal power

  • how breath affects tonality so you can create more impact & influence

  • how to open your breath so you can access more energy

  • how you can stand your ground - the pelvic floor muscles & territory

#3 Body Language Reveals your Attitude 

The crucial thing to understand here, is that your body language gives very clear, unmistakable cues to your immediate surroundings which people pick up. This happens through your gestures and mannerism.


Most courses on body language - if not all - teach from the outside in, instead of from the inside out! The truth is, that your body language is a unique and sophisticated expression of who you are. In fact your body language holds a key to unlock a sense of real confidence and strength that might be entirely new.  In order to transmit what you mean you need to be able to access your own truth and expression from within.  

  • Posture & Feelings

  • Alignment & Centring

  • Natural gestures & Physical ease

#4 Articulation & Voice Projection

The power of emotion and how to transmit what you mean! Here we begin to work with some very effective tools that easily transmit authority and poise. 

You'll learn how ...

  • to project your voice in ways that get you noticed

  • articulation & enunciation relieve the vocal cords from strain & hoarseness

  • emphasis, pacing & rhythms of speech can create the effects you desire

#5 Volume & Emotion - Free & Effortless Sound

As you gain more trust in me and the space we create together, we'll begin to open into areas of further exploration. Your vocal potential lies in your body. This is where the power of your volume and range can be found. Being loud can be an amazing experience for people, as a spontaneous sense of freedom can emerge when boundaries are explored and emotions released through sound. For many people working with volume can be an important key to access their vocal potential. It can bring up all kinds of somatic memories as well as beliefs and common fears of being judged for being too loud or too much. You'll ...

  • experience the power of sound to reclaim an inner sense of strength

  • learn how to source vocal power with your whole body

  • access your natural range so that you can be as loud as you want when you want