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Connect To Your Core 
Find Your Voice
Become Fully Expressed

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  You & 

Your Voice

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“Vocal embodiment is about inhabiting your voice, learning to listen to the intelligence in your body, and speaking from being.”

Your voice             matters!


Daniéla Valdes 

Public Sector

Using breathing and body awareness exercises, Cordelia helped me connect with my body and emotions. This was key to channel my potential and find that inner reassurance and the calm strength I wanted to convey. I couldn't have done it without her! I've extended the learning to other areas when speaking in public, in meetings and even when leading teams. Thanks!


Being "Shut up!"

Your body and your voice hold memories. Basically they hold the memory of what you should've said! Being shut up as a child, threatened or ridiculed leaves an imprint and creates a life long habit of holding yourself back and toning yourself down. Experience teaches you what you can and can't express and what's safe and what isn't, and this affects your voice today. 

Imagine freeing these shut down vocal impulses and getting in touch with your body's intelligence so you can say what you mean; no matter where you are or who you're with. 

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One-2-one Coaching Packages

Finding Your Voice
Online & In-person -
If you're just not coming across the way you need to

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Mini Taster Workshops at Roome Frome in June 2024

A mystical exploration into the world of your voice

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A Mystical Journey 
into the World
of Your Voice 

6 Weeks of Cutting Edge Somatic Practices & Meditative Vocal Exercises Online

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The Sound of Grief

Giving expression to grief and time for it to heal
is wholesome. 


Why vocal embodiment ?

Vocal embodiment works with the vibration of sound as it travels through your body. It brings frozen, or blocked energy, back into flow, rejouvenates and replenishes you and gives you a sense of expansiveness and wellbeing. 


Exploring the physical dimension of expression restores gaps in the vocal register that often correspond to detachment, disconnection or dissocotiation from the body. Gentle excersises to even out vocal range can bring up old memories, or hidden trauma, as tension releases and is re-intergrated. 


Vocal explorations help you breathe more deeply, find profound intimacy and connect to your core sense of self. Essentially this is what "finding your voice" is about; it's re-aligning and listening to the organic intelligence in your body and being comfortable in your skin. Because your voice is at the very core of who you are! 

"To have real knowledge you must understand the essence of things not only their manifestations."

Daniel Barenboim 

The tone of your voice is that essence, it reveals your emotions and says far more than words can ever say; it's primal and gives social cues to the environment about you. It's a key component of the Social Nervous System and communicates directly to people's gut without any filters.

A Trauma Informed Approach &

What this Work isn't

You'll need to go somewhere else if you're looking for received pronunciation, accent softening or cathartic release. 


I don't encourage catharsis for two main reasons. For one it can become a habit to re-create intensity which is a form of addiction that prevents more subtle nuances of growth and expression. Secondly catharsis easily results in the violation of boundaries and re-traumatisation! Experiencing overwhelm isn't helpful, it locks the nervous system back into potentially more shame, adding further layers to already existing ones.

Voice work should be empowering, create a deeper connection to yourself and others, feel expansive and restore a profound sense of agency. 

This is for you if you're ... a ...

Wanting to heal deep anxiety & trauma

through the vibrations and sound waves of your voice

Seeking another level of embodiment 

to connect more deeply to your inner world, speak from being & get out of your head

On a spiritual jouney, 

understand that the throat chakra is key;

for development & to access mystical realms

Ready to go beyond habitual expression

Yoga Teacher or Body Worker 

wanting to explore your voice 

Actor, Singer or Performer

needing to smooth out bad habits

Councelor or Psychotherapist 

desiring to transmit empathy and trust 

Energy Healer or Sound Healer 

wanting fundamental knowledge on voice & physiology of voice

Does your voice work for you? 

Or do you get passed over, dissmised & put down? 

Sign up for your personal 30 minute Voice Descovery call with Cordelia 

Find out what you need, to become more fully expressed!

Imagine being seen and heard for what you have to say! 

Being understood and daring to stand out!




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