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The texture and color of your voice convey everything about you; how tense you are, how confident, how relaxed, how in tune with your environment, how much energy you have and whether you're afraid or not. 

Having a voice isn't just about speaking up; it's about opening up to possibilities you've been utterly blind to. It’s about getting clarity, personal insight and cultivating the growth that'll allow you to be seen and heard the way you desire.

Without an embodied voice however, you'll be dismissed or passed over, as you'll lack the transmission that connects with people, allowing  them to sense and feel what you actually mean. Holding back e-motion (energy in motion) from flowing into the color of your voice drains it of essence, vibrancy and power, leaving you frustrated and misunderstood. This reflects in all areas of your life eroding your confidence, similar to a drop of water slowly wearing down a stone.


Your ability to express is profoundly connected to your sense of self, and  contrary to popular belief, these aspects of ‘self’ can to be nurtured and developed, similar to a musician who cultivates talent through practice. A healthy sense of agency comes form being present in your body, knowing what you need and being able to express yourself. It gives you a solid feeling of being able to deal with the world!

Your voice is at the very core of who you are. It determines how you navigate life and what contributions you can bring forth. To begin exploring where your  expression needs to grow, book your free voice discovery now. 


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Eight Week Course

 Jan. 7th 2020

Vauxhall London

"To have real knowledge one must understand the essence of things not only their manifestations."

Daniel Barenboim 

The tone of your voice is that essence, it reveals your emotions and says far more than words can ever say; it's primal and gives social cues to the environment about your character and well-being. It's a key component of the Social Nervous System and communicates directly to people's gut instinct without any filters. How you say what you say matters, because people unconsciously respond to that which is being communicated under the radar, through your voice and manner. 

What is the voice and what's sensuality got to do with it?

My definition of voice is broad. First and foremost your voice is like nature, it's organic and natural, connected to the rhythms of earth. It comes from your body and the nature of your being. It's unique to you and unique to your body. Your body is a living organism and this is your instrument which in turn is your voice. They are completely interwoven. I see the voice as the physical embodiment, the manifestation of your soul. Because how you breath and how you feel vibrates in the tone and color of your voice. 


The ancient art of beautiful singing Bell Canto understood how deeply sensuality and pleasure connect to a visceral response, which in turn affects the voice. Terms like "inhale the exquisite scent of a rose" or "drink the sound" point to the delicate nature of voice which is luscious and profoundly sensual. By invoking the senses of pleasure a physiological response is activated allowing the voice to flourish. Sensuality cannot be forced or conjured up on demand, that only creates turn off. Similar too is the voice, needs to be approached with care, cajoled and tended to. Like a flower that knows when to bloom. 

VOICE work is for ...

Yoga Teachers & Movement Specialists

Seeking spiritual and mystical depths in voice

 Actors, Singers & Performers

Wanting to deepen knowledge, crack vocal problems and access vocal mastery

Therapists, Psychologists & Doctors

Desiring embodied voices that transmit empathy and trust

People With Vocal Problems

Strangled/strained voices, vocal projection issues, 

not daring to speak up etc.

Change makers, Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Who are in the public eye, on video, doing voice over etc.

Healers & Sound Healers

Wanting more fundamental knowledge on voice

People Seeking Healing & Wholeness

Through voice and expression

Speakers & Aspiring Speakers

Seeking authenticity while being emotionally compelling and congruent

Healing, Prosody & Voice

Prosody which is the variation in pitch and tone, is an indicator of the bandwidth of your emotional spectrum. In other words if you have the ability to feel a varied range of emotions, this will reflect in the pitch and range of your tonality. Likewise, expanding your vocal range might bring up forgotten emotions and free up expression that was shut down. 


People suffering from severe trauma and depression are more likely to have flat, monotonous voices hardly varying in pitch and lacking in prosody. Others who in turn have high pitched voices, often portray too much tension pointing to being over strung, lacking in elasticity and connected body-resonance. Further I see  gaps in range as areas of disconnect, breaks or ruptures. 

Our voices form primarily in the first three years of our life and the sounds we make are embedded in the hard wiring of our brains. What we're allowed to express and what not, is often times deeply held in associations formed at a very young age which impact vocal tone involuntarily. 

Your body and voice hold memories. Essentially they hold the memory of what needed to be expressed. Being shut up as a child, threatened or ridiculed leaves an imprint and creates a habit of holding yourself back and toning yourself down. Working with the physical voice, helps you to slowly reclaim these previously shut down vocal impulses as you grow and heal. It also brings awareness and integrates psychological patterns in speech, breath and expression.

I deeply believe, and have experienced in a multitude of ways, how voice can heal us. Primarily, it has to do with how voice transmits our internal feeling states bringing them into expression while creating pathways to relate. 

Roberto Lupi

Google Zürich

Cordelia helped me focus on the true causes that made me struggle with public speaking. She gave actionable advice and tools to raise my emotional awareness, helping me far beyond speaking issues which were the narrow topic for which I hired her.

The work I did with her still ripples through my life as a domino of positive change. I am grateful I met her at the right time.

Daniela Valdés

Public Sector

"Cordelia's method is simple and effective, and will change how you approach professional speaking at all levels. I had a number of 'emergency sessions' with Cordelia. She was very approachable and responsive to my needs, reading between the lines to understand what would be most effective for a series of critical interviews. 
Using breathing and body awareness exercises, Cordelia helped me connect with my body and emotions. This was key to channel my potential and find that inner reassurance and the calm strength I wanted to convey. 
I couldn't have done it without her! I've extended the learning to other areas when speaking in public, in meetings and even when leading teams. Thanks Cordelia!

Catherine Edsell

The Matriarch Adventure 

“I was asked to give a TED talk, and having only ever given one talk before, I was incredibly nervous. Cordelia not only helped me focus but gave me tools to retain the words in their correct order, firmly embedding them in my brain and body. She quickly understood what I wanted to communicate and through insightful questioning, teased the right expression out of me.

My fear of freezing up on stage was great, and so Cordelia also taught me techniques to re-frame that fear. The result - a powerfully delivered talk to over 1,500 people! Thank you so much Cordelia, I couldn't have done it without you!"

What my voice work isn't

Sometimes it's easier to define what something isn't, rather than explaining what it is. I have witnessed a number of voice workers, healers, and singing teachers who encourage all kinds of weird things that are quite simply wrong and sometimes outright damaging psychologically as well as physiologically. Hence I have the need to say that any kind of purging, catharsis, or ab-reacting, is not what this work is about. 


I don't encourage catharsis for two main reasons. For one it can become a habit to re-create intensity which is a form of peak addiction preventing the more subtle nuances of growth that relate to emotion and expression.  Secondly the danger of re-traumatisation needs to be considered. Experiencing overwhelm is not beneficial as it locks the system back down into potentially more shame, adding further layers to existing ones. 

This work also isn't about received pronunciation and accent softening, so if you are specifically looking for that, I recommend other vocal coaches. 

Expressing ourselves and giving voice to who we are, needs to be empowering to create deeper connections, expansiveness and a sense of agency.

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