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Sound & Soma

A Mystical Journey into the world of Your Voice

Meditative vocal practices to become
 more fully embodied & expressed 

A twelve week interactive online course that brings together metaphysical principles with cutting edge somatic practices. 

Sound & Soma is about using your voice to explore embodiment from a different angle. Whether you've never worked with your voice or have tons of experience, Sound & Soma will give you something new. It'll rewire your brain, create new neuro-plasticity and develop your voice using psychologically sound, physiologically and anatomically solid knowledge. 


If you know how, your voice can be a catalyst to regulate well-being, induce altered states of consciousness and heal from trauma (without needing to hash it over).

What people are saying... 

I felt much, much better after each session. Seeing the quick positive effects, I was eager to start practicing everything I learned.

It was fun and exhilarating to try to express myself without holding back.

I so appreciate how you hold the space at Sound & Soma. There's ease and flow and also homour and cheeckiness. I really get the sense that you have your eyes on the arc of the experience and your finger on the pulse, by the time we end it always feels complete. 

I learned that a louder volume doesn't necessarily imply straining the vocal cords. 

It's actually possible to be louder and have a fuller voice by getting more of my body involved in producing the sound.


Nothing reflects your wellbeing as much as your voice, and when you lose it, it's your Soul calling for attention, and that call needs to be heard!


If you've ever lost your voice you'll probably know that it was because you were going through a crisis, a dark night of the soul or a rite of passage. 


Sound & Soma provides a safe space to explore your expression, align to your body's rhythms and needs, and learn to trust yourself. You'll develop your intuition, practice attuning to your own truth and guidance, and unlock the wisdom of your Soul. You'll also understand how to change your state and feel subtle energy.


Your voice is a key that can open doorways into mystical realms of experience, because it's the seat of your Soul

SOUND & SOMA is for

Yoga Teachers & Body-workers

Wanting to explore their voice

Therapists, Coaches & Councellors

Wanting to connect to their voice

Regular people & those afraid of speaking up

Who want to find their voice 

People suffering from anxiety

Who want to feel confident and solid in their body

Healers & Sound Healers

Wanting to understand vocal mechanisms

People healing from trauma

Who want to feel safe in their bodies


Together we'll explore

The three basic principles of chanting that underpin all mystical traditions

So  you can access altered states of consciousness, feel subtle energy and experience your divine nature. 

How to sooth your nervous system with your voice
To reduce anxiety, come out of a freeze response and regulate your state.

The Five Pure Vowels 

Why they're important, where they resonate in your body and how to use them to release tension and strengthen your voice.

How sound is a source of pleasure that connects you to your sensuality 

Singing makes you happy because your thyroid gland happens to be next to your voice box; and it's your thyroid that produces hormones and regulates your metabolism.


Vocal Breathing Exercises 

To develop your respiratory capacity, increase lung volume, deepen your breath, strengthen your diaphragm and regulate your heart rate.

How to open your jaw 

So you can free your primal voice, integrate healthy aggression and stop grinding  your teeth or clenching your jaw. 

Speaking from Being

So that you begin to express from a deeper, more alive and connected place, allowing for more real and aligned expression to unfold in relating. 

The Relational Field

To begin unravelling habitual ways of expressing behind which we hide, and which don't serve us any longer. 

Cordelia deeply understands the connection of the voice with the body, the emotions and the intentions one carries. Her balance of humour and depth make her teaching a fascinating and wonderful experience.  


Mary Ann Ferguson

Munich Germany

Still on the fence? Find out 

what this course isn't


It isn't about catharsis or vomiting sound out which, unfortunately, I've seen way too often! This is a trauma informed approach. Catharsis can be re-traumatising as boundaries easily get violated. Further, it can become a habit to re-create intensity which is a form of addiction that prevents more subtle nuances of growth. Overwhelm isn't helpful, it locks the nervous system back into more shame, adding further layers to already existing ones.

Real voice work leaves you feeling replenished, calm and energised, expansive, connected to yourself and others. It restores a profound sense of agency and trust in life and deep confidence. 

Here's how it works ...

In weekly modules recorded on Zoom on Fridays at 4 p.m. we'll look at the theory needed to understand the anatomy, metaphysics and psychology of why we do certain exercises. We'll also delve into the principles that underpin them. These modules vary in length, they're usually around between one hour and 90 minutes. There'll be time to ask question and participate in inquiries. 

In weekly practice sessions on zoom on Sundays at 7p.m. (potentially alternating between different time zones depending on the number of participants) you'll learn how to work with your body instead of against it. In these sessions Cordelia will build upon and guide you through exercises and practices as well as offer strategic adjustments, so you can get the personal attention that makes all the difference. The practice sessions will not be recorded to ensure your privacy. 

And because "sound" speaks louder than words and your voice developed in relationship, we're including interactive and relational inquiries that encourage connection not only to yourself but to others as well. These inquiries allow you to delve more deeply into the influences that formed your expression and still impact you today. By incorporating your whole being, your body, voice and use of language you'll gain new ways of relating that enable more intimacy and deeper connection. 

We'll have a private Facebook group where you can interact, share and connect and ask me any questions. The recordings of the Modules will be posted here as well as any other course related material. 


You'll get handouts that accompany the essential theory, anatomy of the voice that we cover.

And last but not least there's a members only platform where you can access the links to the videos and course content in one place. 

Cordelia was fully present, compassionate and knowledgeable as she gently guided me on a journey of hearing my own voice express just what I needed to move forward. I feel heard, understood and nourished. I highly recommend working with her.  


Susan Barker


What you need to know, before joining Sound & Soma

This course is designed to be interactive, it's NOT a prerecorded course. It requires your active participation. So in order to join Sound & Soma you'll need to have your cameras on and intend to participate in person, as much as possible, on the Zoom calls. If however, you live in a time zone where this simply isn't possible, reach out to me personally to inquire about a second practice session for your time zone. 

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