Why is having a voice important in life?   

Why I'm passionate about voice and expression and how I found my voice, is what I talk about in this video. I touch upon my background and story and how alignment of feelings and ratio are crucial to empowerment. I see voice and expression as tools to become self-actualised.

Who benefits most from working with me?

Why is expression a source of power and why is it sometimes so difficult to say what's true for us? These are topics I briefly address in this clip. 

What happens when people connect with their emotions?

As long as we don't understand the nature and purpose of our emotions we can't truly be empowered. Being emotionally compelling is what allows us to have influence and be heard. 

In this clip I address how body language and manner change instantly once people connect to what's true for them. Trying to adopt behaviour and body language that'll benefit you, won't bring the results you want. However, connecting to the deeper source from where your authentic expression emerges will create the impact you desire! When your body language, tonality and manner align, the content of what you say will convey congruence and have impact. 

What does it mean to find your voice?   

Finding your voice means many different things to many different people.  The following three videos are from a series inquiring into what it means to find your voice.

Finding Your Voice as an Actor

In this interview Emilija and I speak about the small voice inside and how we need silence in order to actually hear that voice within ourselves. We touch upon the famous Sufi saying how our words need to pass through three gates before being expressed. Towards the end of the interview we also talked about how there are various layers of depth to emotions.   

Emilija Ellen is a trained actress and a voice-over artist. She's worked in film, theatre and TV. Emilija is Meisner trained and her passion lies in devised theatre and dancing. Her work also includes coaching people on gaining confidence through body language techniques. 

The Pre-verbal Voice

What underlies your expression?

In this interview we touched upon the place from where deep and aligned action and expression emerge.


Desire causes us to move towards something seeking nourishment and fulfilment. This is a primal instinct that's connected to early infant development. It illustrates how early patterns of expression are formed and shows what a sophisticated internal navigation system we all have within our bodies. 

We also touched upon neediness and how certain patterns of expression can be depleting when we overextend ourselves and loose our centre.


Working with voice allows you to become deeply attuned to that which underlies  your expression.  You start becoming aware of the deeper impulse that's prompting you to speak. If you feel any sense of urgency to make yourself understood, any persistent need to get your point across or explain yourself.... 


Stop for a moment and ask yourself what it is that you need? 

Aki Omori is a registered somatic movement therapist/educator, trained in Body-Mind Centering (BMC), Integrative Body-work and Movement Therapy (IBMT), and a qualified practitioner of Neuro Affective Relational Model (NARM). She runs training for yoga teachers and therapists. 

Being Wild and True 

What does it mean to find your voice?

As the title of this interview suggests we cover what it means to be wild versus being overly adjusted to societal norms. Our more wild and true nature can even be a source of fear since it might not fit the image we hold of ourselves. It can give us signals we don't want to hear or which we don't know how to interpret. Our wild nature needs to find healthy expression it's an essential aspect of being human, it's the raw life force that curses through our veins, that which makes life exciting and worth living. And as Debbie emphasises, it's important that this wild part is connected; connected to our sense of self and connected to the environment.

We both sure felt this during the interview...  I hope you do as well. 

Debbie Warrener is an experienced leadership trainer and coach who runs retreats and workshops internationally to help those acting for change in the world increase their leadership and impact. She’s passionate about unleashing the full potential and creativity of those working for change in the world and a key theme in her work is connecting with our wildness. She calls this Inner Leadership for Outer Change. To find out more about Debbie and her work here

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