Sound & Soma 

in Muswell Hill London

A mystical journey into the world of your voice

Starting in January 2021 at YOGALOOM 


A 12-week course teaching meditative vocal 

 practices to become more fully embodied & expressed 


Sound & Soma is a unique course that blends voice work with meditative practices. It not only teaches you how to use your voice to open your breath, but provides a physical, possibly even mystical, experience of your sense of Self that leads to greater confidence, agency and power. 

Your tone of voice, not only reflects how you feel, more importantly it is a tool that can be used to shift your state and regulate your well-being. 

These classes will give you the opportunity to explore the rejuvenating capacity of your own voice. They will provide the space for physical self exploration that replenishes you from the inside out, while cultivating deeper embodiment.


With only a small number of participants in a deeply supportive environment, you will learn how to use your voice to ...


  • open your breath, so you can breathe more fully & deeply

  • transmute emotions by gently directing vibration

  • connect to your sensual essence & the pleasure of making sound

  • reduce severe anxiety and increase confidence

  • release deeply held tension through sound waves

  • open the throat Chakra resulting in increased clarity & lucidity

  • rejuvenate and replenish depleted energy levels

  • tap into your subtle energy field

What people are saying... 

I felt much, much better after each session. Seeing the quick positive effects, I was eager to start practicing everything I learned.

It was fun and exhilarating to try to express myself without holding back.

I so appreciate how you hold the space at Sound & Soma. There's ease and flow and also homour and cheeckiness. I really get the sense that you have your eyes on the arc of the experience and your finger on the pulse, by the time we end it always feels complete. 

I learned that a louder volume doesn't necessarily imply straining the vocal cords. 

It's actually possible to be louder and have a fuller voice by getting more of my body involved in producing the sound.


   Your Voice, Seat of Your Soul

Some people say the voice is the seat of the soul, this is because it is deeply connected to the very essence of your being "Your  sense of Self". Yet on a more worldly level, your voice was welded in relationship and is deeply rooted in relatedness. It is influenced and conditioned by the environments that left their imprint on you and formed it.


These two views might seem opposed, but it is precisely this dichotomy that makes the voice so personal and distinct. This is the reason why the voice is a unique gateway into spiritual development and why it holds a key to your essence on one hand and your character on the other. 


In my experience voice is one of the most gentle tools to shift behavioral patterns, transform trauma, access personal power, induce states of bliss, increase well-being, and to nourishes youself from the inside. 



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Free Taster Sessions 

Mid January on on Tuesday and one on Friday afternoon, before the course begins. Keep your eye on this space or follow us on social, not to miss out.

Fridays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. beginning Jan. 29th

Tuesdays 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. beginning Feb. 2nd 

Both course will run for 12 consecutive weeks (we'll take a term break)


Regular Price £449 

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Cordelia was fully present, compassionate and knowledgeable as she gently guided me on a journey of hearing my own voice express just what I needed to move forward. I feel heard, understood and nourished. I highly recommend working with her.  


Susan Barker



Four Fundamental Building Blocks 


Similar to yoga postures vocal exercises affect your whole being. They develop your respiratory capacity, help you breathe deeply, increase lung volume and strengthen your voice. 


During these twelve weeks we'll explore the following fundamental building blocks.

Sensual Enunciation 

Through sensual enunciation we use sound as a vehicle to connect deeply to our body. These specialized exercises are designed to help you connect to the body’s viscera and to feeling your body from the inside. The focus on combining enunciation with sensuality will give you a deep experience of the self within your body. 

Emotionally Compelling Articulation

Emotionally compelling articulation infuses your voice emotion, coordinates reflexes in the vocal folds and strengthens the voice. Similar to a yoga workout it invigorates the whole body, activates the breath and creates resilience. It enables tension to flow where needed, while reducing tension where it is unwanted. 

Releasing Jaw Tension

Relative to size, the masseter muscles are some of the strongest muscles in the body. A huge amount of tension gets held here.  Lots of tension in this area symbolizes a withholding of expression. By releasing jaw tension you will experience deep relaxation and a sense of ease flowing into your voice. 

Opening the Breath

Most breathing practices focus on the breath and ignore the voice. However breathing to develop vocal potential is different from breathing for purely meditative purposes. When you breathe to vocalize, your breath needs to support sound, as it forms the bases upon which sound waves travel. 

Combining the voice with breathing exercises is unique. It strengthens the diaphragm, reduces stress, regulates heart rate and builds core strength. It also opens new energy pathways and leaves you feeling nourished and energized. 


Who is SOUND & SOMA for

Yoga Teachers & Movement Specialists

Seeking spiritual and mystical depths in voice

Therapists & Body-workers

Wanting to explore new dimension of themselves

People who are afraid of speaking up

People suffering from anxiety

Who want to feel confident and solid in their body

Healers & Sound Healers

Wanting to develop vocal potential

People healing from trauma

Who want to feel safe in their bodies