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The healing power of being heard

Personal Stories in Times of Covid

Sharing our stories and experiences helps us find the strength we need to continue. It helps us draw upon the meaning from lived experience as we digest them and heal.  

It's been nearly two years of facing restrictions, guessing what's going to happen next and adjusting to measures put into place to seemingly mitigate a virus that has a survival rate of almost over 99%.


People have lost their livelihoods, been delayed critical medical care, isolated and shut indoors, coerced to receive an experimental jab, prohibited from visit diseased family or perhaps you've lost loved ones or been injured by the vaccines. The trail of suffering these restrictions and measures are causing is devastating.


Whatever your experience is you are welcome to come and share it so that it can be heard and you need no longer carry it alone. 

Story telling is healing, it's the balm that soothes a wound. It helps us understand one another and relate. This can lighten the burden as we realize we're not alone. Being in company of others who are facing similar difficulties, anxieties or fears of what's happening in the world calms our nervous systems, as we instinctively recognise the strength in numbers.  

Perhaps you don't yet feel ready to tell your story or share your experiences and that's okay for sometimes listening is enough. Because listening to other stories is equally healing as they reflect elements of your own story. One day you will feel ready to share when the time is right for you. Then you shall be seen and heard and your story witnessed; and it too will bring comfort to those who aren't yet ready to share. It too will shed light and bring hope to others as it nourishes you in return, as you understand that your suffering was not completely in vain. 

Join us for our story telling circle to listen and to share, to find comfort, and to heal!

These calls are specifically designed around themes relating to Covid and the pandemic. They are designed to create a safe place where everyone gets heard. 


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Starting January 2022 Fridays 4.30pm - 6.00pm GMT 

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What you need to know, before joining the call!

These calls are specifically designed around themes relating to Covid and the pandemic. To participate in the calls you have to to have your cameras on. You won't be accepted if you aren't visible. Once you sign up you'll receive the Zoom link in an email. Please save this mail carefully as you won't receive another. The calls are generally ninety minutes.

Please log on ten minutes before the call to make sure we can start on time. In order to get the most out of this time together make sure you have ...

  • a stable internet connection

  • your camera is working and you are visible

  • good lighting so you can be seen

  • a private, undisturbed space so you can participate in the breakout rooms and insure the privacy of others on the call

  • a good audio connection