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How to use your Voice to
calm your nervous system
even if you've been
chronic anxiety...

Tap into the kind of Relaxation that lets your Body become the Source of Comfort & Peace that effortlessly switches off your Mind and Replenishes you from the Inside


Join us for free


For a Full 90 minute Virtual Group Practice 

at 7.30 p.m. BTS (British Summer Time) 

on 24th July 2022

Before signing up you need to know that...

You'll need to have your cameras on! No exceptions!

The event is interactive and participatory, it won't be recorded!



Within a heartbeat and before the first word's are uttered, the tone of your voice gives away the most important thing you need to know in any situation. You see, your voice is the most ancient and primal signal that let's you - and other people - know, when you feel safe and calm and when you don't!


The tone, colour and intensity of your voice transmits signals of danger and of safety. These signals immediately translate into a nervous systems response, that either preps you for danger or tells you that you can exhale, relax and that you're safe.  

In this free, ninety minute, live, group, workshop-style session on Zoom, I'll show you how to work with your voice so that you too, can calm yourself in any given situation. Whether you're up at night worrying, suffering from social anxiety, or simply wanting to experience deeper and more blissful states of profound relaxation. ​​

So if you are wanting to...


Experience deep physical relaxation without needing to control your thoughts or meditate for hours


Invigorate and replenish your batteries through a sonic massage that ripples through your whole body


Down-regulate your nervous system and self-sooth, even if you're feeling anxious, agitated or wired 


Use an ancient technique monks practiced, to reach altered states of consciousness

Then join us for the next free workshop 

at 7.30 p.m. BTS (British Summer Time) 

on 24th July 2022



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