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 I'm passionate about touching people at their core, helping them to find their voice and become more fully expressed

Cordelia a professional voice coach with more than twenty years of experience. She maintains that public speaking and finding your voice are crucial for any kind of success. Her profound understanding of the psychological and physical aspects of voice make for a unique approach. 

"My vocal potential changed dramatically over the years as did my character. I wouldn't be who I am today, had I not developed my voice. My knowledge and understanding come from my personal experience. This is what enables me to help people with the same problems I once had. Whether those are about how to control your breathing, or develop your vocal potential.

Unleashing your vocal potential and extracting who you truly are demands clarity of values, practice and lots of courage. It means being connected to your core and cultivating the capacity to speak up and take a stand."


Professional background

Initially Cordelia felt prompted to follow a deeper desire for expression and embarked on studying classical voice / opera. Her intense vocal studies took her abroad for many years where she learnt specific techniques of singing, and Belcanto.

The deep understanding and technical know how of the functional mechanisms of the voice, as well as the immersion into psychological aspects of voice, ignited Cordelia’s passion for the psychological and mental healing arts, resulting in therapeutic breath work and psychic healing. This broad field is what defines Cordelia today; her endless impulse to expand and evolve finds its purpose here - weaving ever deeper connections between the mental, the emotional, the physical and the spiritual aspects of being, whilst coming into deeper alignment and embodied presence.

Cordelia posses the unique gift to assist people to align with their own personal power. 

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CPD accredited courses. CPD points are given to all courses marked with this Logo.  

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